Born in Paris - though growing up in Reunion Island, Saphia has a background in competition gymnastics and began practicing circus quite late. It was at the age of 15 that she left her family to study at the "Ecole Nationale de Cirque de Chatellerault". In her second year she chose to specialize in Swinging Trapeze. Which, since then, has been her big love. After 3 years in France, she applied to the "Academy for Circus and Performance Art" in Tilburg (NL). She is now graduated since summer 2017.
Thanks to her studies, hobbies and family, she is now an artist with more than one string to her bow (swinging trapeze, floor acrobatic, partner acrobatic, chinese pole, music ...).

Here is her graduation act that she presented in April 2017. It is showing the personality of Saphia. Someone calm, smiling, kind, and that likes to share and enjoy moments with everyone.

Here is an act that she presented for a Personal Project in 2016. She interprets the role of a joyful pretty woman. In this act, Saphia plays with the "clich├ęs" of swinging trapeze and cabaret.

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Saphia Loizeau

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